What Are Generosity Dinners?

We connect people around food who want to experience collaborative giving. Guests contribute to the group pot, share ideas and opportunities about people, projects, or passions that they care about, and provide gifts with no strings attached.

Find A Dinner

“Instead of being part of an anonymous mass of givers, I became part of a group of like-minded people with a common goal.”

Host A Dinner

“This is what I want you to do: Tell someone you love them and dinner’s at six”.

Tools & Support

Common Change helps you pool money with people you know, to give it to people you care about.

  • RT @SingletaryM: What a sweet story: I posted a huge note for the thief who stole my bike. Then my doorbell rang. https://t.co/TwUKMX2qBj

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  • RT @40acts: Act 25: #OneWay The most profound gifts are gifts without any expectation of a future return. Find the full reflection here:…

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  • RT @DrAshBarker: So thrilled to confirm today that #UrbanChangeMakers will bring Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo to the UK. Various events…

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  • RT @cafonline: 2.4 billion people are expected to join the middle classes globally by 2030, which is the current population of the Commonwe…

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  • "If we are aware of our household expenditure, and intentional about our lifestyle choices, we may find that we hav… https://t.co/cnlLAfb5OI

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    Common Change about 10 days ago
  • RT @SimonThomasSky: Some wonderfully kind people out there. Someone left this in @nomadrdguk today. Whoever you are - thank you. God Bless.…

    Common Change about 13 days ago
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  • RT @40acts: "God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with." - Billy Graham Wise words from a truly inspirati…

    Common Change about 25 days ago

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